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Carhood lets you make money renting out your car

For any questions or issues you can't find an answer to, please send us an email or call 1300 466 663.

For emergencies during your reservation please call 1300 466 663.

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Carhood lets you make money renting out your car

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There are a lot of other cars on if you want to make sure that someone rents your car we suggest that you fill out these other fields so people can get a better idea of how awesome your car is.

Tell renters why your car is cool. Do you have an amazing sound system? Is your car perfect for roadtrips? This is your chance to share why you love your car.


We allow users to set their own rental price. To keep prices competitive and fair on Carhood we highly recommend a 25% cheaper fare than what our competitors are offering. Please see our Pricing Guide to check our guidelines on car rental price.

The advertised rental price per day & subsequently the owners earnings per day may reduce in line with the length of hire from a renter. Carhood reserves the right to adjust the listed price to remain inline with our competitive 25% price guarantee.


Please give your coupon code to increase the percentage of your earning.


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Providing us with your flight information is vital to ensure your vehicle is available if your flight is delayed.


Please enter the dates and times of your arrival at the Carhood premises on the day of your departure and return. We suggest arriving at least 20 minutes earlier than when you need to be at the airport to allow time for parking your car, confirming your identity with one of our staff members and the complimentary ride to the airport.

Please note that 12 hours advance notice is required between the hours of 10pm-7am. Please call 1300 466 663 to see if we can accommodate your booking needs


Carhood lets you make money renting out your car

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Check out the preview of your car, that's how your car will appear to other users. If details are incorrect or missing, you can go back and edit them now or add them in later.

Eligibility Requirements for Car Owners

Vehicles are deemed ineligible for renting and will not be accepted if they do not meet all of the below requirements. Carhood may revoke a vehicle's eligibility at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion.

  • Not modified in any significantly material way.
  • Maximum book value of $100,000
  • Be well maintained - No Warning lights ( e.g. check engine, SRS)
  • 4 wheels & no more than 8 seats.
  • Sufficiently clean on the interior
  • Not have any major components or parts that are inoperable or not properly operable